Join Moldova’s epic international hackathon: delving into IT solutions for cutting-edge industries at DeepTech GigaHack

In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges across FinTech, EnergyTech, Big Data, and HealthTech, Moldova is embracing innovation with full force. On September 9-10 the international tech community is invited to join in the country’s grandest international hackathon: DeepTech GigaHack. To register for the competition, kindly visit:

More than 200 participants will converge on a shared platform to blend their skills and expertise, in order to produce pragmatic solutions to the tangible issues confronting modern society. Spanning 36 hours, they will put their capabilities, proficiencies, and inventiveness to the test, constructing projects in pivotal domains, harnessing advanced technologies. Participating teams will gain valuable insights from mentors and advisors with vast international expertise, inspiring them with a potent blend of motivation and drive.

Whether registering individually or with their own teams, participants will be a part of a group and will tackle various challenges over the course of two days. Those who generate the most feasible solutions will have the chance to claim prizes valued at up to around 13,000 EUR. Moderating DeepTech GigaHack will be none other than the esteemed Estonian entrepreneur and speaker, Sebastien Toupy. 

Check out the exciting challenges of DeepTech GigaHack. Ready to take them on?

EnergyTech Challenge: Using provided Energy Balance data, teams will engineer an accurate tool to predict energy usage trends for the upcoming years. This tool will clear up complex data patterns, revealing insights and producing forecasts for short and medium-term consumption across various sectors and energy sources.

Big Data Challenge: Participants who choose this challenge will engage in the creation of in-depth profiles for global-scale companies. Encompassing a broad array of dimensions including company history, financial standings, products, services, business models, and areas of specialization, these descriptions will come together to form a comprehensive and all-encompassing view. Another Big Data challenge refers to crafting a proficient machine learning model to forecast daily orders for retail establishments. The model’s primary objective is to reduce the likelihood of human-associated errors in order placement while seamlessly integrating seasonal patterns and trends within the predictions. The solution should be adaptable to nearly any company worldwide.

FinTech Challenge: Open Banking & Instant Payments – the participants will be tasked with creating a sophisticated algorithm that not only swiftly and accurately detects fraudulent activities but also provides insights to enhance financial security. Alternatively, participants can opt to craft an inventive instant payment platform that redefines user experience and sets new standards in fintech.
HealthTech Challenge: HealthTech enthusiasts are invited to reshape the narrative of patients’ medical histories, by designing a digital personalized avatar that accurately mirrors patients and their health journeys. From lifestyle choices to treatments and surgical interventions, this avatar will centralize medical insights, drawing from Electronic Health Records, Personal Health Histories, and DNA data. The DNA data will provide a basic picture of the person’s physical structure, including features like eye color, height, body shape, and others. Electronic Health

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