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»About Hackathon

Deeptech GigaHack represents a unique opportunity for IT professionals, tech enthusiasts, startupers, business developers, and experts in Deep Tech areas to experiment, collaborate and innovate.

For 2 days non-stop, participants will have the opportunity to work in teams on various technical tasks assigned by the hackathon team or chosen by themselves. They will discover and experience the latest technologies, tools and techniques to create innovative solutions in cyber security, energy, IoT, machine learning, big data, and AI. With the guidance of expert mentors and access to all necessary technical support, participants will have the chance to showcase their skills and compete for a grand prize.

People with different experiences, skills, and perspectives will come together to share ideas, leading to cross-pollination of knowledge and highlighting new aspects. 

The objective of the event is to provide specialists with an opportunity to experiment and create innovative solutions for deep tech challenges. It also aims to establish long-term collaborations between specialists in a research or development context, with the support of event partners and other stakeholders, even after the event. 

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» Who We Address

Tech Gurus_

Influential IT professionals, experts in the latest trends and innovations in technology and willing to explore their insights and expertise for solving challenges and creating original solutions.

Tech Enthusiasts_

Junior and middle IT specialists looking for opportunities to improve their skills, gain practical experience in solving real-world problems, and expand their network of contacts with peer professional field.

Researchers and Professionals

Researchers and Representatives of different areas such as academia, education, finance, healthcare, and energy, interested in exploring how advanced technology can innovate their fields/industries.
*IT skills are preferable, but not required. Expertise, curiosity, and creativity are valuable assets and add to the team.

» Challenges

EnergyTech | IT Bricks

40 000 MDL

Green Energy Production Forecasting: Powering the Future

Welcome to the Green Energy Production Forecasting Challenge! In this scenario, your task is to revolutionize the green energy sector by leveraging the power of DeepTech. With the Meteo Data provided, you are to develop a sophisticated and accurate forecasting tool for predicting energy production from renewable sources(wind and solar energy). Your tool should be capable of interpreting complex data, identifying patterns, and producing short-term and medium-term forecasts for each type of green energy. Your challenge is to create a solution that not only generates precise forecasts but also presents them in a user-friendly, intuitive format. This solution would assist national-level planning, facilitate economic development, and streamline the modernization of the energy sector. Additional insights into factors influencing green energy production and suggestions for optimizing energy use based on the forecasts would also add
value to your solution. Remember, you’re not just predicting the future; you’re shaping it! Good luck!

Evaluation Criteria:

BigData Challenge | Veridion

40 000 MDL

Generate accurate descriptions about companies at a global scale

This challenge is all about being able to ingest and comprehend data from the internet at a large scale. Starting from a company website and what they write about themselves on the internet, your mission is to generate accurate descriptions of what that company does.

Evaluation Criteria:

FinTech | National Bank of Moldova

40 000 MDL

Open Banking and Instant Payments: Revolutionizing Fintech

Welcome to the Open Banking and Instant Payments Challenge! This exciting venture beckons the brightest minds in DeepTech to redefine the future of fintech. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, involves increasing the efficiency and security of open banking systems and instant payment platforms. Open banking, through secure APIs, shares financial information and promotes competition and innovation. On the other hand, instant payments enhance user experience by processing transactions immediately. We invite you to design a sophisticated algorithm that not only detects fraudulent activities swiftly and accurately but also offers insights to improve financial security. Alternatively, you may choose to develop an innovative instant payment platform that redefines the user experience and raises the bar for fintech. Embrace this challenge to change the face of financial technology. Join us with your groundbreaking idea, win this challenge, and together, let’s revolutionize finance!

Evaluation Criteria:

HealthTech | Corlab

30 000 MDL

10 000 MDL cash and Medical Control ”Corporate Optimal” by Medpark, 4095 MDL per each team member.

Generate an avatar that closely resembles the person physically and reflects their health status.

This hackathon challenge invites you to create a digital avatar from DNA data, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Personal Health Records (PHR) of an individual. The aim is to generate an avatar that not only closely resembles the person physically but also reflects their health status according to PHR and EHR data.

The DNA data will provide a basic picture of the person’s physical structure, including features like eye color, height, body shape, and others. Electronic Health Records (EHR) will offer historical data related to the person’s health status, including diagnosed illnesses, surgical interventions, and medical treatments. The Personal Health Record (PHR) will add an additional layer of information, including lifestyle, diet, exercise, and other activities that can influence a person’s health.

Evaluation Criteria:

20 000 MDL

Predictive Order Analysis for Retail Shop.

The purpose of this project is to develop a machine learning model that will accurately predict daily orders of retail shops. These Predictive orders will be shown to Sales Representatives (SR) during their shop visits before getting the order from the shop owner. With accurate predictions of retail shop orders, SR can ensure that products are always available on the shelves when consumers need them. Predictive ordering eliminates the need for manual guesswork and frequent follow-ups with shop owners. This frees up sales agents’ time, enabling them to focus on more value-added tasks like building relationships, identifying new leads, and providing personalized services.

Predictive algorithms minimize the chances of human error in placing orders. This results in fewer mistakes related to incorrect quantities, wrong products, or other order-related issues.

Evaluation Criteria:

Gov Challenge | Electronic Governance Agency

40 000 MDL

Streamline and elevate the customer experience.

The Electronic Governance Agency invites participants to develop within the EVO government application and a web interface a module based on AI technologies that assists citizens in the process of obtaining information about public services. The module should include a conversational interface that enables dynamic interactions with users, allowing them to ask questions, make requests, and seek the necessary clarifications to receive logical answers based on the descriptions of public services available at: http:

Evaluation Criteria:

Open Challenge

40 000 MDL

Create your own challenge.

 If you don’t find yourself aligned with any of the prepared challenges, you can create your own.

Introducing the Open Challenge – an opportunity for you to present your own idea and create a solution for other challenges we’re currently facing. Whether it’s in medicine, education, the environment, or any other field that excites you, DeepTech GigaHack is the perfect place to make a difference.No matter how unconventional your idea may seem, we encourage breaking the patterns and exploring the horizons of advanced technologies. So, if you have inspiration and an innovative idea, join the DeepTech GigaHack and take part in the Open Challenge!

BioTech Challenge | Wisecube

40 000 MDL

Develop an AI agent that synergistically combines OpenAI APIs and Wisecube APIs to facilitate advanced biomedical research.

The vastness of biomedical data and the rapid pace of research make it challenging for researchers to stay updated and extract relevant information. Wisecube is an AI platform focused on accelerating biomedical research by synthesizing billions of data points from public and private datasets.By integrating the capabilities of OpenAI’s language models with the structured knowledge of Wisecube AI, we aim to create an agent that can provide comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date biomedical insights.

Evaluation Criteria:

The most experienced and skilled professionals will be mentoring your team during Deeptech GigaHack

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If you don’t have a team but want to join the event, no problem. Buy an individual ticket, reserve your participation, and we will assign you to a team right before the event. We promise you will have the best team member who will become your friend afterwards.

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Here you can buy tickets for your employees. We encourage companies to form their own teams and join the hackathon together. This way, they can work on their personal project with total support from our mentors.

» News

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» Organizer

Technovator is an innovative platform that nurtures and amplifies talent, playing a pivotal role in the development of Moldova’s technological potential. Deeply connected to a vibrant network of startups and IT companies, it fosters growth and prosperity for the future. Technovator’s initiatives include the Ag Tech Innovation Lab, Product Management Community, Careeraid, Startup Students, and numerous others.

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